Textiles and Home Furnishing

Since its establishment the Schneidinger Group has been exceptionally passionate about making people’s home a more beautiful and relaxing place. This passion, coupled with constant innovation and trendsetting turned the Group into one of the leading home textile and home furnishing companies in Switzerland. The Group currently produces and distributes/manages the merchandise of ca. 450 stores ranging from low-end to high-end offerings through its expertise and excellent management skills.

The business model of the Group is based on the following core principles:
• To retain core competencies in-house
• To outsource non-core activities
• To maintain and foster key client relationships through professionalism and attention
• To maximize customer flexibility and loyalty
• To provide quality products and service to customers

The design and styling of the Group’s products is one of the Group’s core competencies. Constant surveillance and visits to the world’s main fashion centres such as Paris, London, Milan, New York, Barcelona and Istanbul ensure that the management maintains the highest level of awareness of current trends and developments in the global industries.

Servimex AG, a subsidiary of the Schneidinger Group, operates Servimex Ltd. China (“servimex”) and is the Schneidinger Group’s first investment in China. Servimex is a retail company that owns and operates a highly promising chain of home furnishing stores in China. The company aims to open ca. 200 stores throughout China over the next five years. The first store opened in Shanghai in the spring of 2012.
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